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Andrew’s Pi arrived (he sent it on Pi Day!), and today Zeuss loaned me a adapter so I could load up the micro SD card with the basic Raspberry Pi OS. (Bareboat Necessities requires a micro SD card with at least 32 GB, whereas the one I’m using only has 8 GB. Add some new electronics to the Wish List.)

But thanks to these two sailors, I am install an OS from scratch for the first time in a long while.

Turns out OpenCPN is now included in Debian package sources by default, so, so far, installing OpenCPN has been as easy as ‘sudo apt get opencpn’.

This is a great start! Next up, I need to find my USB-based GPS antenna. I’ll also be sitting by the mailbox, waiting for the dAISy AIS to arrive, which I hope will inform me if I’m about to get run over in the fog.