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I’ll keep a running tab of costs here.

Item Use Price
Hobie 16 floatation on loan. thanks Chris!
Raspberry Pi running software like the chart plotter and media player on loan. thanks Andrew!
AIS Receiver receiving the position of boats that I might run into $78.72 USD
nuts and bolts for the clamps to attach things to the boat $15
foil contruction R&D hydrofoils might come in handy uncalculable debt to Ian “for the exposure” Maday
Racing Paddles Simple Human Propulsion $120
Rowing Sliding Seat Human propulsion $413.10 USD Angus Boats
Dry Suit    
New Standing Rigging    
New Running Rigging    
Float for Mast Head    
Anti-pitchpoling Plates    
Deconstructable Ultralight Cabin-top    

Thanks also to Jan Tepoorten-Swan and Martin Swan for the valuable refit dockspace!